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as long as I can remember, my sisters and I have had this insane love for sweets. having absolutely zero self-control when walking into a bakery and ordering almost one of everything just to try it all or going to target seeing that they put the easter candy out early and getting far too excited because easter candy is the best candy. 

the same thing goes for the creation side of sweets. i love the magic that happens when you whisk sugar and egg whites together and it goes from liquid to a beautiful, white, fluffy meringue or baking brownies 12 different ways until you find the perfect fudgey denseness.


i just have always loved it all and i'm so excited that I get to share the sweets I love so much with the rest of the world (or at least the chicagoland area... for now)




I'm so glad you're here!


"That's why I want to make pastries, it makes people happy."

-Jacob Kowalski

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